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The 'Etihad Campus'
The only commercially sponsored name of a Metrolink stop
Proposed Etihad Campus Metrolink stop
Metrolink East Manchester Line
Note that this stop is the only one with a commercially sponsored name. It should be 'Manchester City Stadium' or 'Eastlands City Stadium' as previously proposed

The original 'Eastlands City Stadium' was renamed the 'Etihad campus' Metrolink station

The East Manchester Metrolink extension opened from Piccadilly to Droylsden in Tameside on 11th February 2013 and will be further extended to Ashton-under-Lyne by winter 2013/14. Manchester to Droylsden - now open The 3.9 mile (6.3km) section to Droylsden runs from the existing Metrolink stop at Manchester Piccadilly through the key regeneration areas of Ancoats, New Islington and Beswick and the heart of East Manchester. The line runs under Great Ancoats Street, through Holt Town towards Etihad Campus (Manchester City football stadium) and the Velodrome. From here, between Clayton and Droylsden the line runs on-street along Ashton New Road and Manchester Road. The new line has eight new stops at New Islington, Holt Town, Etihad Campus, Velopark, Clayton Hall, Edge Lane, Cemetery Road and Droylsden.


Trams are scheduled along the East Manchester line westbound towards Manchester Piccadilly station before continuing through the city centre towards other destinations, whilst eastbound trams will head towards Ashton-under-Lyne. Trams will run every 12 minutes Monday-Saturday daytime, increasing to every 6 minutes at peak times. On Sundays and Bank Holidays, there will be a 15 minute service
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