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we came to EASTLANDS from MAINE ROAD

Compare this Google image map of Eastlands to the 1930 & 1935 maps of the Bradford, Manchester below

Compare the above Google image of Eastlands to the 1930 & 1935 maps of the old Bradford area below, with the stadium sketched in. Note the old Mill Street, now named Alan Turing Way which borders the Stadium area along with Rowsley Street and Ashton New Road. Bradford Pit was on the current spare developement land to the East of the ground and Bradford Iron Works (CentreStadium) was later known as Richard Johnson & Nephews Wireworks
Bradford, Manchester 1935

Link to larger 1930 map of South East area of Manchester

Bradford 1932
It has been suggested that Eastlands (previously Bradford, Manchester) does not exist. Click link below
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