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Man City Blues

we came to EASTLANDS from MAINE ROAD

Welcome to my website - dedicated to promoting 'Eastlands' as the fans name for our home ground
I’m a City fan, a die-hard Blue and I think it’s very sad
that we came to EASTLANDS from MAINE ROAD now some call it the ‘Etihad’
Well the ‘Etihad’, it means ‘Unite’ and for City that must be wrong
Would loyal Blues fans use that name in a City chant or a song?

The sponsorship naming was welcome, to fund all the needs of Man City
but if fans are expected to use that word, well really, I think that’s a pity
Corporate names change and some say "Ours won’t" but I would say "Never say never"
The one thing we have to remember is, that Man City will be here forever

‘The city of Manchester Stadium’ was our new grounds original name
It was far to long for our fans to use, in the pub on the way to a game
Now our ground is a place to be cherished as ‘MAINE ROAD’ was to most of our fans
Not a brand, a logo or an airline, but a place to be loved called ‘EASTLANDS’
The current (sponsored) name of Manchester City's stadium is the Etihad
The ground that the stadium sits on is EASTLANDS

Eastlands is an area of East Manchester, the location of Manchester City's home ground. I am Ken, an Eastlandsblue since 2003, and a City fan from the early 1950's Bert Trautman days. I believe now that my thirteen year support for the Eastlands name has been justified as most of the press, radio and TV news media now use it. Even Ian Cheeseman who, as the main City correspondent for BBC GMR, and previously preferred the use of 'The City of Manchester Stadium' name, hates the new 'Etihad' name. He now occasionaly includes 'EASTLANDS' (when he dares to) during his broadcast's and commentaries at City matches

Back in 2003 I had a cap embroidered 'and so to EASTLANDS' , well before we moved from Maine Road and I must say that I have always liked the name. It slips off the tongue easily and is much preferred to the 'Etihad', which is a corporate name chosen not by the fans, but a commercial branding for the owners Airline and I realise that this provides much needed sponsorship revenue to the club but we dont have to use it do we?.This same branding has to be covered up for European home matches due to UEFA's TV advertising rights You couldn't include it in a chant like 'We are City, Super City, We are City from Maine Road'.

Etihad Stadium Melbourne

Our current sponsors 'ETIHAD' have a stadium in Melbourne Australia named after them. (see above) and I predicted in 2010 that they would do the same to our ground, this came to pass in July 2011 but the media, TV and Radio often refer to Eastlands rather than the Etihad Stadium and I believe the name is now endemic. See my media page The new academy development and the planned stadium expansion is great for City supporters and residents of the Eastlands area of Manchester, but I worry about our owners true motives when I read what he tells his people in Abu Dhabi

Extracts from a Manchester Evening News article published 8 November 2013:

Speaking at the United Arab Emirates University about planning global domination (of football), Sheikh Mansour said: "Ambitions are large and unlimited," before adding that the Blues successes so far were only 'part of the upgrading of the club to the ranks of those that can compete at tournaments in England and Europe overseas. "We have given a good impression of the Arab investor," he said

Sheikh Mansour, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, added that feasibility is the most important aspect of his ownership. Thanks to Sheikh Mansour's involvement City's popularity has soared in the UAE and he also told those gathered: "This is your club"
Full report"
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